Opera soprano Vilma Bukovec (1920–2016)

We are presenting our our collections. In February 2020 we are presenting Vilma Bukovec as Mařenka in the performance Bedřich Smetana: The Bartered Bride (director Ciril Debevec, conductor Rado Simoniti, SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, première 28 April 1955).

In 2020 are celebrating the centenary of the birth of the Slovenian opera soprano Vilma Bukovec (1920–2016), the leading star of the SNG Opera and Ballet Ensemble in Ljubljana and the repertoire holder within the socalled Golden Age of Slovenian Opera. She has covered almost all the known soprano repertoire from the most lyrical to extremely dramatic roles. She has performed as a soloist in many countries of the world (France, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Spain, Egypt, People’s Republic of China …) and has received several international awards and recognitions.

From our Collections – February 2020 Poster:

Vir: Ikonoteka SLOGI – Gledališki muzej.