From our Collections – Theatre Experiment in Slovenia

Termin: 06. 10. 2022

We are presenting our collections.


October will bring the scientific symposium Theatrical experiment in Slovenia (1966–1986) and its resonance, organized by Amfiteater journal, Slovenian Theatre Institute and Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. Its starting point is the collection The Generator::for Manufacturing Any Number of Drama Complexes – including more than 50 texts by around 30 Slovenian authors and some author collectives. Editor Blaž Lukan introduces the book by a comprehensive scientific study, however, the texts present a very inspirative basis for further scientific treatments of an elastic time which is now recognized as abundant in its experimental approach. The texts that enabled some pioneer events – e. g. the first theatre happening in Slovenia – continuously led to the loosening and reevaluation of performative standards and generated the future of Slovene theatre of the second half of the 20th century.

Let us only remind of the text Slaughtered Day by Matjaž Kocbek which was staged at Pekarna Theatre in 1974; its visual design is the work of Matjaž Vipotnik.


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