Dušan Jovanović, z vaje za uprizoritev Zid, jezero (režija Dušan Jovanović, Drama Slovenskega narodnega gledališča v Ljubljani, krstna uprizoritev 21. 2. 1989). Foto: Tone Stojko, vir: Ikonoteka SLOGI – Gledališki muzej.

From our Collections – At the farewell of Dušan Jovanovič, an exceptional theatre man

Lokacija: slogi.si
Termin: 26. 01. 2021

We are presenting our collections. In January 2021, att the farewell of Dušan Jovanovič , an exceptional theatre man, we are presenting a photography of Dušan Jovanovič at one of the rehearsals for the play The Wall, the Lake, which he staged at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana in 1989.

The great practitioner and thinker of theatre and society, theatre director and playwright Dušan Jovanović (1939–2021) also founded and artistically directed some of Slovenian theatres. Furthermore, he taught for several years at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, wrote numerous essays, columns, television scripts. With his rich artistic oeuvre he significantly marked the Slovenian territory and the territory of the former common state Yugoslavia and received numerous awards. The Wall, the Lake, a cross-genre, enigmatic, intimate character play, which he staged at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana in 1989 – the photo was taken at one of the rehearsals – received the Grum Award and also the Borštnik Award for the best performance of the year. A famous stage production that has left a permanent impression in many spectators’ memories.

Dušan Jovanović, thank you for your audacious gestures and intriguing artistic quests!

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