Maja Šorli (Editor)

Amfiteater, Journal of Performing Arts Theory, Volume 6, Number 2

The present issue is a joint edition of two journals of performing arts, namely, the Slovenian journal Amfiteater and the Macedonian journal Ars Academica. The motive behind this decision was the bilateral research project Macedonian-Slovenian Theatre Relations (from 1990 until the Present), carried out during 2017 and 2018 by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje and the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana.






Thematic Block

Aldo Milohnić and Ana Stojanoska

An Introduction to Macedonian-Slovenian Theatre Relations (1990–2015)


Zala Dobovšek and Sasho Dimoska

The Theatre Bridge between Macedonia and Slovenia: Theatre Festivals

Sasho Dimoski, Ana Stojanoska, Hristina Cvetanoska:

The Influence of Slovenian Theatre in Macedonia (from 1990 until the Present)

Sonja Zdravkova Djeparoska and Aldo Milohnić:

From Yugoslav Ballet to Post-Yugoslav Contemporary Dance: Permutations in Collaborative Practices between Macedonian and Slovenian Dance Scenes

Hristina Cvetanoska and Gašper Troha:

Polite Ignorance: The Exchange of Drama between Slovenia and Macedonia from 1990 till 2015


Dejan Srhoj:

Dance is an Overlooked Potential of Intercultural Cooperation

Slobodan Unkovski:

Theatre as a Relationship


Barbara Orel:

The Origins of Postdramatic Theatre in Slovenia: Balbina Battelino Baranovič’s Experimental Theatre (1955–1967)

Mateja Fajt:

“A Seam is not a Seam”: The Role and Meaning of the Work of Seamstresses, Tailors, Dressers and Shoemakers in Slovenian Institutional Theatre

Book Review

Tomaž Toporišič:

Teoretizirano zgodovinjenje avantgard (Aleš Erjavec: Heteronomija umetnosti in avantgard) (available in Slovenian language only)


Submission Guidelines

Call for papers


Editor-in-Chief: Maja Šorli

Editors of the Thematic Block: Aldo Milohnić, Ana Stojanoska, Maja Šorli

Editorial Board: Bojana Kunst, Barbara Orel, Primož Jesenko, Blaž Lukan, Aldo Milohnić, Tomaž Toporišič, Gašper Troha

International Editorial Board: Mark Amerika (University of Colorado, US), Marin Blažević (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, HR), Ramsay Burt (De Montfort University, GB), Joshua Edelman (Manchester Metropolitan University, GB), Jure Gantar (Dalhousie University, CA), Janelle Reinelt (The University of Warwick, GB), Anneli Saro (Tartu Űlikool, EE), Miško Šuvaković (Univerzitet Singidunum, RS), S. E. Wilmer (Trinity College Dublin, IE)

Published by: University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje, Macedonia, Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje and Faculty of Music Art – Skopje


Amfiteater – Journal of Performing Arts Theory was founded in 2008 by the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television.

This work is published under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence.

Publishers: Sloveninan Theatre Institute and University in Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

ISSN: 1855-4539 (Printed Edition), 1855-850X (Digital Edition)

Paperback, 279 pages; 17cm x 24 cm; Slovenian/English/Macedonian Language.

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The journal is included in: MLA International Bibliography (Directory of Periodicals).

The publishing of Amfiteater is supported by the Slovenian Research Agency and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.