Miroslav Vilhar & Mirko Mahnič: The Grand Word (An Evening at the Reading Room), directed by Mirko Mahnič, Ljubljana City Theatre, opening on 26 November, 1953

We are presenting our our collections. In December 2019 we are presenting a photograpy and poster of Augusta Danilova.

Mirko Mahnič (1919–2018), language consultant, dramaturg, theatre director, lecturer and publicist, wrote a number of stage adaptations, one of them being An Evening at the Reading Room. Mahnič himself put it on stage of the Ljubljana City Theatre in 1953. Five years later, in 1958, the performance was selected to took part at the Sterijino pozorje, the central Yugoslav theatre festival in Novi Sad where Mirko Mahnič was awarded for the outstanding drama adaptation.

From our Collections – December 2019 Poster:

Miroslav Vilhar in Mirko Mahnič: Velika beseda (Večer v čitavnici), režiser Mirko Mahnič, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko, premiera 26. novembra 1953. Vir: Ikonoteka SLOGI - Gledališki muzej.

Source: SLOGI Iconotheque – Theatre Museum.