Štefan Vevar and Barbara Orel (Editors)

The beginnings and achievements of the Slovenian theater of modern times: the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Drama Society in Ljubljana

The Drama Society in Ljubljana (founded in 1867) was the initiator of the Slovenian theatre of modern age. In its development from 1867 to 1920 it negotiated a fifty-year long road through the period of institutionalisation and professionalization of the Slovenian theatre, finishing it in 1920 with the advent of a new development stage; i.e., Europeanisation (1920–1945).




From society to theater – historical view

Štefan Vevar: Milestones in the development of the Drama Society in Ljubljana (1867–1918)

Aldo Milohnić: From the Drama Society in Ljubljana to the drama societies across Slovenia

Darja Koter: Josip Nolli – the pioneer of the Drama Society in Ljubljana

Aleš Gabrič: The last decades of the Drama Society and its dissolution in 1948

Nadja Zgonik: The Drama Society and the national iconography from the society’s foundation to the First World War

Gašper Troha: The Drama Society and its influence on the development of the Slovenian drama between 1867 and 1892

Ivo Svetina: Tugomer, the Slovenian tribal hero

Mateja Pezdirc Bartol: The development of the Slovenian bourgeois drama at the end of the 19th century and The Lady of the Camellias (Camille)

Blaž Lukan: The repertory of the Drama Society in the frst decade of its activity

Tone Smolej: The French repertory of the Drama Society (1867–1907)

Irena Avsenik Nabergoj: Stagings of the opera and theatre pieces with the Jewish topic within the Drama Society, 1867–1918

Gregor Pompe: The Drama Society and the beginnings of opera performances in Slovenia: the repertory’s analysis

Igor Grdina: Gorenjski slavček 1872

Peter Bedjanič: Opera singer Emil Scaria (1840–1886)

Henrik Neubauer: The beginning of ballet in Slovenia

Katarina Podbevšek: The Drama Society – the initiator of acting (speech) education

Barbara Orel: The Drama Society and the beginnings of theatre education in Slovenia


Editors: Štefan Vevar and Barbara Orel

Reviewers: Janez Vrečko and Tomaž Toporišič

Language editor: Andraž Polončič Ruparčič

Translations of summaries: Melita Silič

Cover design: Maja Gspan

Preparation for the press: Nina Šturm

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16,7 x 24 cm, 346 pages

ISBN 978-961-6860-14-7

ISSN 2463-8277

Publishers: Slovenian Theater Institute and University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

Documents of the Slovenian Theater Institute, Year 54, no. 95

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