Matic Kocijančič (Editor)

Slovene Theatre Annual 2021/2022

The Slovenian Theater Annual 2021/2022 is the 30th in a row and the 35th continuation of the Repertoire of Slovenian Theaters (1867-1967). The Annual is based on the accessible online database of Slovenian theater production (on the portal, but the collected data in the Annual are significantly upgraded – with editorials, information about festivals and awards, with data on reprise and guest appearances, summarizing and comparing data between specific theaters (on a statistical table).


Matic Kocijančič

Interpretative commentary:

Rok Andres, Tina Bohak Adam, Maša Radi Buh, Nika Švab, Klemen Markovčič

336 pages.; 23,9 x 16,9 cm

Available in Slovenian language

Periodical publication

ISSN 1318-3567

Retail price: 18 EUR

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Published by: Slovenian Theater Institute, Mestni trg 17, 1000

Year of publication: 2023

The publishing of Slovene Theatre Annual is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.



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