Gašper Troha (Editor)

Amfiteater, Journal of Performing Arts Theory, Volume 8, Number 2

The theatre of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a paradigmatic turn that was later called the performative turn (Erika Fischer-Lichte), the end of the theatre of text (Veno Taufer). Its further development is known as postdramatic theatre (Hans-Thies Lehmann) and transformative aesthetics (Fischer-Lichte). These changes set up new challenges for theatre writing as well. That led us to talk about the crisis of theatrical texts in the 1990s, about a new renaissance of writing for theatre with “in-yer-face” theatre, about no-longer-dramatic theatre text (Gerda Poschmann) and again about the dramatic text (Birgit Haas).

These shifts in focus show that the relationship between text and stage is an everchanging one and that both elements are constantly negotiating their positions in it. New ways of constructing a performance put the theatrical text in the background; on the other hand, new plays bring fresh challenges to their presentations on stage. These transgressions and borders of the theatre are at the core of articles in this issue of Amfiteater journal. Anna Maria Monteverdi analyses the role of video art in theatre history from the 1970s onwards. Petra Pogorevc, who deals with the question of actors’ corporeality, investigates the borders of theatre art as well. She presents the performance Noordung::1995–2045. All these changes mean not only the widening of the possibilities of the theatre, but they also stimulate different effects on spectators. Nika Leskovšek writes about politicality and audience interaction in the performance Kapelj and Semenič under construction. Miša Glišič also investigates theatre writing and its transgression from the dramatic to the no-longer-dramatic text. The articles prove that contemporary theatre is a complex and vivid artistic field that demands from researchers different approaches to analysis and new responses to these challenges. Thus far, Amfiteater journal has taken on these challenges as its motto, and will continue to do so in the future.







Anna Maria Monteverdi

The New Formats of the Multimedia Theatre

Petra Pogorevc

The Body and Farewell – Noordung::1995–2045

Nika Leskovšek

The Politicality of Participatory Theatre in Kapelj and Semenič under construction

Miša Glišič

Storm Still by Peter Handke and Szondi’s Theory of the Modern Drama


Book Reviews

Eva Kučera Šmon

Koncept uprizarjanja konceptov

Ana Kocjančič

Umevanje prostorov igre. Ob izidu dveh temeljnih knjig s področja scenografije


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Editor-in-Chief: Gašper Troha, PhD, Assist. Prof. (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television)

Editorial Board: Bojana Kunst, PhD, Prof. (Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Justus-Liebig University Gießen, DE), Barbara Orel, PhD, Prof. (University of Ljubljana, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television), Primož Jesenko, MA (Slovenian Theatre Institute), Blaž Lukan, PhD, Assist. Prof. (University of Ljubljana, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television), Aldo Milohnić, PhD, Assoc. Prof. (University of Ljubljana, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television), Maja Šorli, PhD (self-employed in culture), Tomaž Toporišič, PhD, Assoc. Prof. (University of Ljubljana, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television)

International Editorial Board: Mark Amerika, MFA (University of Colorado, US), Marin Blažević, PhD, Assoc. Prof. (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, HR), Ramsay Burt, PhD (De Montfort University, GB), Joshua Edelman, PhD (Manchester Metropolitan University, GB), Jure Gantar, PhD (Dalhousie University, CA), Janelle Reinelt, PhD (The University of Warwick, GB), Anneli Saro, PhD (Tartu Űlikool, EE), Miško Šuvaković, PhD, Prof. (Univerzitet Singidunum, RS), Stephen Elliot Wilmer, Prof. (Trinity College Dublin, IE)

Published by: Slovenian Theatre Institute (represented by Mojca Jan Zoran, Director) and University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (represented by Tomaž Gubenšek, Dean)

This work is published under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence.

Publishers: Sloveninan Theatre Institute and University in Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

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