Poster for the baptismal staging of the drama Voranc

We are presenting our our collections. In March 2020 we are presenting poster for the baptismal staging of the drama Voranc, directed by Mile Korun at the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana. In 1979, Voranc was awarded the first prize of Slavko Grum. The poster was designed by Matjaž Vipotnik.

The Event Is Here, you have an Event in Town! Week of Slovenian Drama – 50 years

March 2020 marks a significant anniversary, the 50th Week of Slovenian Drama. On this occassion, Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Slovenian Theatre Institute and Gorenjska Museum, in collaboration with the 3rd programme of Radio Slovenia – Ars programme, prepared the exhibition. You are kindly invited to Gorenjska Museum in Kranj, in the period from 27 March, the international Theatre Day, to 20 September 2020.

From our Collections – March 2020 Poster:

Source: SLOGI Iconotheque – Theatre Museum.