The Landmarks of Theatre Acting

The Landmarks of Theatre Acting

Location: Turjak Castle
Date: 01. 09. 2023

We are preparing a new permanent exhibition The Landmarks of Theatre Acting.

The core trait of theatre acting (and theatre art itself) is its ephemeral nature. For this reason, theatre acting is perceived as an elusive artistic expression existing only in the moment of the performance. The wholeness of its actualisation cannot be preserved.

The exhibition The Landmarks of Theatre Acting, which delves into the history of Slovenian theatre, aims neither to firmly grasp the unattainable nor to enfold all the manifold acting realisations into landmarks. Instead, the exhibition strives to offer the experience of theatre acting. In the space of the auditorium, which emphasises the inseparable tie between acting and its reception, the exhibition aims to invite the visitors to discover single historical chapters, as well as the stylistic ingenuity of different embodiments of the same dramatic character. The exhibited material’s methodology stems from the chosen photographic, sound and audio-visual records that convey the rudiment traits of definite acting expressions.

As a supplement, the contents in the hall’s backstage trace the memories of individual actors and other forms of conserving theatre acting.

Soon at the Turjak Castle. Kindly follow us!

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