Sanja Jurca Avci: Ursula or Fear of the Estuary / The Space within the Space

Lokacija: TAM-TAM Street Gallery, Vegova Street, Ljubljana
Termin: 02. 07. 2019 – 05. 08. 2019
Admission free

2. 7. – 5. 8. 2019

TAM-TAM Street Gallery, Vegova Street



Ursula or Fear of the Estuary
(Howard Barker)
SNT Drama Ljubljana, 2000/01, directed by Janez Pipan
scenography by Sanja Jurca Avci


Ursula is a story of great dimensions, which the director Janez Pipan also wished to realise on the stage of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. Already, the creation of a convincing ship in the middle of the sea, the estuary and the convent walls were a good challenge for a scenographer, the changing of those scenes was an even greater one. I thus designed a type of base made of ramps, which co-shaped the space for all of the scenes. The added elements to this base – “the ship”, a scenic element that had to carry thirteen women; the projection of the stormy sky (a technological achievement for those days); the convent walls in two different configurations for the exterior and interior of the convent – defined the stage in specific scenes.

Sanja Jurca Avci


Sanja Jurca Avci is an architect who deals with telling stories in space. She also works internationally in the field of scenography and exhibition design (Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey). In her work she thrives in expressing content with the help of all the possible means of visual expression and in searching for those points in which the designed space can best express the given content. Her work is characterised by restraint, a love of colours and the layering of views and meanings.


The original collages for the performance Ursula are part of the retrospective exhibition The Space within the Space: Scenography in Slovenia before 1991 on view in the National Gallery of Slovenia until 8 September 2019. The exhibition includes more than 220 exhibited works by more than 70 creators of the stage space – representing the first comprehensive overview of Slovenian scenography, which brings a new view of the history of visual arts and the history of theatre on our territory. You are cordially invited!


The exhibition Sanja Jurca Avci: Ursula or Fear of the Estuary / The Space within the Space was opened on 2 July 2019 at 5 p.m.

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The Space within the Space
Ursula or Fear of the Estuary
2. 7. – 5. 8. 2019


TAM-TAM Institute in cooperation with the Slovenian Theatre Institute.

TAM-TAM Street Gallery on Vegova Street in Ljubljana.