On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the birth of Jože Babič, a theatre and film artist, we created a digital exhibition.

Jože Babič – a Theatre Man, E-exhibition

Lokacija: Web Portal of Slovene performing arts - SIGLEDAL
Termin: 16. 02. 2018

On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the birth of Jože Babič, a theatre and film artist, we created a digital exhibition: a selection of 101 photographs from his rich theatre opus, as well as his personal life, which was always closely intertwined with his public engagements.


Jože Babič, a restless creator and eternal wayfarer, left a strong impression in many theatres of different Slovenian cities, hence the subtitle of the exhibition, A Geography of Theatre Creation.


He was born in Trieste and grew up in Maribor. He started his artistic career in Ptuj, where he was one of the beginners of the Slovenian theatre avant-garde in the pre-war independent theatre of Fran Žižek. At twenty, he directed a working-class drama by Rudolf Golouh, Kriza (A Crisis), which was staged in the cinema hall in Pobrežje in Maribor, and performed only once.


He then worked in Dramatično Društvo (Drama Association) in Ptuj as an actor and director, and in 1946 also as its artistic director.


When he returned to Maribor, he first acted, and then directed at the Drama of the Slovenian National Theatre (and later also in the Opera, once). In 1974 his staging of Tone Partljič’s Ščuke pa ni (There Is No Pike) at the Drama SNT Maribor won the Borštnik Award for the Best Performance


Exhibition concept: Martina Mrhar

Collaborators in selection and digitalisation of materials: Nataša Kolar, Regional Museum Ptuj-Ormož (materials from the Ptuj Theatre); Sandra Požun, Drama SNT Maribor; Ana Perne, STI (materials from the Slovene Permanent Theatre Trieste); Alenka Klabus Vesel, Ljubljana City Theatre; Mojca Kranjc, SNT Drama Ljubljana; Robert Kavčič, Prešeren Theatre Kranj; Bojan Himmelreich, Historical Archives Celje (materials from the Slovene People’s theatre Celje); Katarina Batagelj, Šentjakob Theatre Ljubljana; Lidija Koren (personal archive); Teja Glažar (personal archive)

Project coordinator: Samo M. Strelec

Computer concept: Gregor Matevc

Arrangement of copyrights: Tamara Matevc

Data entry: Anja Roter

Exhibition collaborators: SNT Nova Gorica, SNT Drama Maribor, SNT Drama Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Theatre, Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož, Slovenian Theatre Institute, Historical Archives Celje,Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Šentjakob Theatre Ljubljana