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Termin: 01. 03. 2024

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The Documents

Our oldest publication series, Dokumenti (The Documents), has been published continuously for sixty years. To celebrate this anniversary, we have organised the exhibition Dokumenti at 60: From Theatre Magazine to Book Series (7 March–31 May 2024). It is our wish to mark the anniversary by highlighting the importance of this publication for our theatre and wider cultural history, while at the same time remembering the editors, writers and other contributors who have helped to ensure that we now have more than a hundred issues to our name. Over such a long period, the life of this theatre magazine – and later a book series – has been marked by many changes and difficulties: what is of undeniable importance is the continuous work that has borne fruit and confirmed the meaningfulness of its existence. Today, we can say that Dokumenti is still fulfilling its original mission. In the run-up to the sixtieth anniversary, we thought it appropriate that the anniversary should be accompanied not only by an exhibition but also by a more detailed presentation of the series’ content. Thus, we’ve created its first comprehensive bibliography, which directly illustrates the quantity and quality of its diverse material.
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