From our Collections – Slovenian Theatre Institute – 70 Years

Termin: 01. 12. 2022

We are presenting our collections.

Slovenian Theatre Institute – 70 Years

In the main hall of the Slovenian Theatre Institute (1st floor), the exhibition I’ve worked for 40 years: From our Collections: The bailiff Yerney – from Cankar to Skrbinšek and Delak.

The presentation was opened on the 29th of November 2022, the day of the 70th anniversary of the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia (the predecessor of the Slovene Theatre Institute).

In 1952, Bratko Kreft has in Gloss at the opening of the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia envisioned further evolution of the established institution: “We are starting our theatre museum in a modest outline but its foundation has now been laid. I firmly believe that this stone will once assemble a domain in terms of a museum and an institute. Only then we will dare to say that we did everything needed for the development of our national theatre art, besides the provided material support, since the position of every national theatre is one of the most magnificent domes in the nation’s spiritual temple. This is what ancient Greece believed, so why shouldn’t we?”

Feel free to take a look!


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