Dušan Jovanović med režijo svoje drame Kdo to poje Sizifa, krstno uprizorjene 12. januarja 1997 v SNG Drama Ljubljana. Foto: Tone Stojko, vir: SLOGI – Gledališki muzej

From our Collections – Dušan Jovanović (1939–2021)

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Termin: 01. 02. 2023

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Dušan Jovanović (1939–2021)

Dušan Jovanović is one of Slovenia‘s greatest directors and playwrights. He co-founded and directed the Pupilija Ferkeverk Theatre in the late 1960s and the Experimental Theatre Glej in the early 1970s. From the late 1970s to the mid-1980s he was the artistic director of the Slovenian Youth Theatre (Mladinsko), and from 1989 onwards he was a professor at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television.

He is the author of avant-garde, grotesque, and socially engaged plays, in which he explored existential and socio-historical issues of the contemporary post-revolutionary period. Over five decades, he directed numerous classical, modern, and experimental works, often his own plays. One of them, The Life of Provincial Playboys After the Second World War, was first staged at the Trieste Theatre in 1972, and a year later – 50 years ago – it was directed by Zvone Šedlbauer at the Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL).

This year also marks the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Jovanović‘s first play, There Will Be No Performance, which is available in its entirety in the SLOGI digital library.

This year, SLOGI will dedicate a symposium to the life and work of Jovanović, who left us in 2021, and a commemorative publication is in preparation.

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