From our collections – Milan Butina, Set Designer

Termin: 08. 11. 2023

We are presenting our collections.

From our Collections: Milan Butina, Set Designer

(Exhibition is at display in the time November 9–December 29, 2023 in the Event Hall in the first floor of SLOGI)

November 2023 marks the centenary of birth of Milan Butina (November 21, 1923–June 24, 1999), the founding father of visual arts theory in Slovenia. However, Milan Butina was not active only as a painter and a visual arts theoretician, but was in fact a genuine theatre person. In 1950, he joined the Ljubljana City Theatre as a painter and set designer. In years 1962–1967, he was assigned the role of the theatre’s technical manager as well. As set designer (and often the corresponding costume designer), he took in part in the creation of more than ninety performances.

The exhibition presents set designs of Butina which belong to the Iconotheque collection of the Slovenian Theatre Institute (SLOGI). The set designs at display stem from the period 1951–1967. Individual items of the presentation can also be seen in the frame of the e-exhibition From our Collections: Set design sketches by Milan Butina, which can be visited at the e-portal

From our Collections – November 2023 Poster: