From our Collections: Melita Vovk and Theatre, E-exhibition

Location: Museu.MS

The academic painter Melita Vovk (1928–2020) was a versatile artist and theatre was one of the distinct fields of her creative activity: in years 1956–2009, she took part in 49 drama performances of Slovene professional, as well as amateur theatres. She worked as a set, as well as costume design author (in 14 performances she linked both fields), occasionally she made the selection of costumes from the theatre fundus or painted the scene by herself, equipped the theatre programme or the accompanying brochure with witty illustrations etc.

Ejti Štih (born Marija Štih in 1957), the daughter of Melita Vovk and the renowned publicist and artistic director Bojan Štih (1923–1986), well known in Slovenian cultural circles, especially in theatre, donated her mother’s heritage related to theatre art to the Slovenian Theatre Institute – Theatre Museum in 2020. We are presenting a selection of these works at the E-exhibition “Melita Vovk and Theatre”.

Producer of the e-exhibition: Slovenian Theatre Institute (SLOGI), 2021
Author of the e-exhibition and texts, data entry and translation of captions into English: Tea Rogelj, MA, Senior Curator
Translation of the introductory text: Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Digitalisation: Andrej Ovsec (SLOGI)


Also the National and University Library received a gift – original portraits by Melita Vovk, from Ejti Štih in 2020. On 8 February there will be the opening of the exhibition “Each Portrait is an Inimitable, a Unique World”: drawings by Melita Vovk. The aim of the exhibition is to show the variety of (known) faces, the diversity of home countries of the PEN meetings participants, the portraits of Slovenian and other cultural artists, and the immense richness of the portraits that the Library acquired through the bequest of Melita Vovk.

“Each Portrait is an Inimitable, a Unique World”: drawings by Melita Vovk. Exhibition in the National and University Library, 7. 2. – 9. 5. 2022.

You are kindly invited to visit both exhibitions!