Hinko Nučič as Jaromir in: Franz Grillparzer, The Ancestress, Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana, 1907. Photo: August Berthold. Source: SLOGI Iconotheque – Theatre Museum.Photo: August Berthold. Source: SLOGI Iconotheque – Theatre Museum.

From our Collections – Hinko Nučič

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Termin: 03. 04. 2023

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Hinko Nučič (1883–1970)

In April 2023, we mark the 140th anniversary since theatre actor, director, organizer and pedagogue Hinko Nučič was born. He significantly contributed to the renewal of the Ljubljana theatre after the WW1 and later on laid foundations of the National Theatre in Maribor.

Born in Ljubljana, Hinko Nučič began his theatre career on amateur stages and studied with the actor Anton Verovšek who invited him to join the Drama Society. In 1900, he was engaged in the Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana where he worked as an actor and director until 1912; then he migrated to Zagreb where work conditions were better. He returned to Ljubljana in 1918. After a dispute with the management of the Theatre Consortium, he resettled to Maribor, where due to the lack of actors he opened the first Dramatic School in town. He managed the Maribor theatre house for two seasons (1919–1921). Later, he settled in Zagreb as a member of the Croatian National Theatre, acting in Ljubljana and Maribor on more occasions as a guest.

Hinko Nučič is considered as one of the more propulsive actors of the period that originated in the tradition of the Drama Society. The development of acting in Slovenia that followed will be presented in the exhibition The Landmarks of Theatre Acting, which is being prepared by the Slovenian Theatre Institute at Turjak Castle.

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