Alja Tkačev. Photo: Studio Potrč. Source: Iconotheque SLOGI– Theatre Museum.Photo: Studio Potrč. Source: Iconotheque SLOGI– Theatre Museum.

From our Collections – Alja Tkačev (1934–1991) – The Actress with a Pencil

Termin: 01. 05. 2021

We are presenting our collections. In May 2021 we dedicate to The Actress with a Pencil Alja Tkačev.

Alja Tkačev (1934–1991) left a distinctive mark in the history of Slovenian theatre and movies in many respects: as a striking actress, as an interpret with distinguished standards of speech, as a poet and puppeteer, a translator, and an author of drama plays. She was one of the first outstanding actresses of Mladinsko theatre (Youth theatre) Ljubljana, later a free-lance actor, as well as a member of the Puppet Theatre Ljubljana ensemble. She was the driving force of many theatre groups working outside of the institution, as well as an author of the distinctive diary prose that has been fully recovered and published only now. Her acting oeuvre reflects very intense and fundamental shifts in Slovenian theatre after 1945. Her journals speak with unusual strength about freedom and loneliness, partly between the lines, but nonetheless in a very clear way, pointing to the attitude of society towards art and artists. This is why the journals of Alja Tkačev are still relevant today.

Selected journals will be published in 2021, as a joint project of the Slovenian Theatre Institute and Mladinska knjiga.

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