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The Iconotheque is the largest museum collection of the Slovenian Theatre Institute – the Theatre Museum. It comprises abundant printed and artistic materials, connected to performances from Slovenian professional theatres and their creators – theatre programs, flyers, posters, advertisements, scene set and costume designs, models, awards, death masks, photographs, and artistic works … Especially important are the scene set and costume designs by Avgust Černigoj, the portraits of Božidar Jakac, Nikolaj Pirnat, and Miha Maleš, the depictions of Ivan Vavpotič, the theatre posters by Matjaž Vipotnik, as well as the collected photographs of Vlastja Simončič, Jendo Štoviček, and Tone Stojko.

Gifts and bequests from Slovenian theatre artists have greatly enriched the collection.

The virtual collections and Iconotheque exhibitions

The Slovenian Theatre Institute (or the Slovenian Theatre Museum up until 2014) has been preparing  E-exhibitions since 2012. Our first E-exhibition is called Alenka Bartl, Costume Designer. We cannot replace “physical” set-ups by preparing E-exhibitions, nor do we want to – we wish to attract visitors who don’t visit museums and galleries regularly and offer remote access to people with physical disabilities or visitors who live far from the museum. We also wish to address a younger audience, enable researchers easier access without time limits, and otherwise ensure that our collections are easily accessible for everyone. Our E-exhibitions are also available in English (at least partly), and the artifacts included eventually become a part of the worldwide virtual collection Europeana.

The main Slovenian theatre internet portal Sigledal.org offers these virtual exhibitions: Maribor Theatre Festival 2011, Maribor Theatre Festival 2012, Maribor Theatre Festival 2013, Maribor Theatre Festival 2014, the Borštnik Ring Award Winners, Slovenian Hamlets, About the Roads to“the Grandest Invention of Human Spirit” in Slovenia.

The museum portal museums.si offers a selection of our E-exhibitions: From our collections: Josip Primožič – Tošo, set-designer; Fran Milčinski, playwright; Miha Maleš: Portraits, and Set design sketches by Milan Butina.

Around 600 artifacts from the image library of the Slovenian Theatre Institute – the Theatre Museum are also available in the virtual collections of the Slovenian Theatre Institute, which are regularly updated.


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