Zroč na ulico. Foto: Primož Lavre / Slovenski gledališki inštitut.Foto: Primož Lavre / Slovenski gledališki inštitut.

Gazing at the Street


The doyens of Slovenian theatre, all born before 1900, gaze down at the street from the windows of the Slovenian Theatre Institute. Their portraits and the treasures from the Slovenian theatre history are on display at the Theatre Museum. Stop by and learn about the history of Slovenian theatre by visiting our permanent exhibition In Pursuit of a Theatre.

Brochure – Gazing at the Street

Idea: Andrej Ovsec
Concept development, selection of actors and photographs: Tea Rogelj, MA
Digitalisation and image processing, preparation for print, design and set-up: Andrej Ovsec
Printing and montage: Studio Printam.si
Texts for the brochure: Tea Rogelj, MA and Mojca Jan Zoran, MA
Language editing: Andraž Polončič Ruparčič
Translation: Barbara Skubic
Brochure design: Andrej Ovsec
Proofreader: Ana Perne
Project leader: Mojca Jan Zoran, MA
Production: Slovenian Theatre Institute (SLOGI – Theatre Museum)

The exhibition was partly financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.