From our Collections – Theatre Möderndorfer

Termin: 05. 09. 2022

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In September 2022, we announce the release of the monograph Theatre Möderndorfer published by Forum Ljubljana and co-published by the Slovenian Theatre Institute which, according to the author of the introductory essay, Blaž Lukan, “functions as a peculiar ‘amphibian’: simultaneously an ‘object’ and a ‘system’. That is, as a tangible and sensorial phenomenon of theatre that can be ‘held’, and as a system of theatre thinking, an ‘object’ that can (also) be thought.”

The beginning of Vinko Möderndorfer’s directing path is marked by the staging of King Gordogan based on the text of the Croatian surrealist poet Radovan Ivšić. “I was still at the academy when Janez Pipan, who was the director of Glej Theatre at the time, proposed this text to me. This is how I came to stage the first play in my life in the Poljane hall,” Möderndorfer remembers the creative challenge in 1980, and further on writes: “Many years later (recently actually) a theatre companion told me that he still remembers King Gordogan, he attended the premiere and that it was a totally crazy performance. It’s a pity, he added, that you didn’t stage more of such performances later on.”


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