Viktor Molka

From our collections – Centenary of birth of Viktor Molka (1923–2010)

Termin: 01. 05. 2023 – 31. 05. 2023

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Centenary of birth of Viktor Molka (1923–2010)

The architecture engineer Viktor Molka was born on the 10th of May 1923.

Molka’s theatre path started after the Second World War. His functions of director and set designer were united already in his first theatre direction, the staging of Calderon’s The Phantom Lady. In the late 40s and in the 50s of the past century, he constructed numerous plastic three-dimensional set designs. At the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana, his working domicile, he also conceived a dozen of costume designs. In later years, he created more examples of abstract space, by the use of reflectors and steel constructions.

His active years in theatre directing lasted until the beginning of the 70s, while contributing set design visions until late 90s.