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Submission guidelines

The journal Amfiteater publishes articles in the field of the performing arts in the context of different media, cultures, social sciences and arts. Articles are accepted in Slovenian and English languages. It is expected that any manuscript submitted has not been previously published and has not been simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. All submissions are peer reviewed. 

The recommended length of articles is approximately 30,000 characters including spaces. The author’s name, postal address and e-mail address are to be specified on a cover sheet along with a short biography for publication that does not exceed 550 characters including spaces. An abstract of up to 1,500 characters (including spaces) and a list of keywords (5–8) are to be added at the end of the article. A list of acknowledgements or funding should follow keywords.

Submit articles as an attachment file in Microsoft Word or Open Office format, in the Times New Roman font, 12 point, with 1.5 line spacing. Each new paragraph is marked with an empty line. Quotations longer than five lines are placed in separate paragraphs, in 10 point size, without quotation marks. Abbreviations and adaptations of quotations are marked in square brackets. Notes are not meant for quoting literature; they should appear as footnotes marked with consecutive numbers.

When quoting an author and related work within the text, state only the page numbers in brackets, e.g., (161–66). When the author of the quoted work is not mentioned in the sentence, state the author’s name and the page numbers in brackets without punctuation between them, e.g., (Reinelt 161–66). For different bibliographical entries by the same author, include a shortened title of the work, e.g., (Reinelt, Javno 161–66).

The in-text citations and bibliography is structured according to MLA style, 8th edition.

 – Book with editors:

Jones, Amelia, and Adrian Heathfield, editors. Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in History. Intellect, 2012.

 – Book:

Reinellt, Janelle. Javno uprizarjanje. Eseji o gledališču našega časa. Mestno gledališče ljubljansko, 2006.

Book Article or Chapter:

Auslander, Philip. “‘Just Be Your Self’: Logocentrism and difference in performance theory.” Acting (Re)Considered: Theories and Practices, edited by Phillip B. Zarrilli, Routledge, 1995, pp. 59–67.

Journal Article:

Bank, Rosemarie. “Recurrence, Duration, and Ceremonies of Naming.” Amfiteater, vol. 1, no. 2, 2008, pp. 13–30.

Newspaper or Magazine Article:

Ahačič, Draga. “Blišč in beda teatralnosti: gledališče Tomaža Pandurja.” Delo, 6 Jul. 1996, p. 37.

–  Article with URL:

Čičigoj, Katja. “Zakaj še vedno kar oponirati s kladivom?” SiGledal, 17. maj 2011, Accessed 23 Jul. 2013.

Acknowledgements and Funding

The acknowledgements section is where you may wish to thank people indirectly involved with the research (e.g., technical support; loans of material; comments or suggestions during the creation of the manuscript). However, it is important that anyone listed here knows in advance of your acknowledgement of their contribution. Do not include dedications.